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It’s key says Alpha Domus winemaker Barry Riwai that through the winemaking we maintain what’s grown in the vineyard, not overshadow it.
It’s important you have the fruit you want, taste it, make sure the flavours are right and maintain that through into the bottle.

It’s the flavour of the berries at harvest time you are looking for, the most important part of sampling before harvest, is the tasting. Getting the flavour intensity just right, the right amount of sun, heat, ripeness, varietal perfection, that's what we chase, perfect balance; richness but not flabbiness, tightness but not austerity, picking at the peak, right on the knife's edge, not before and not after, then we are winning. Wines are made with a gentle hand, intervene when there is a reason, there needs to be a purpose.
Distinctive and naturally well balanced the red’s have impressive concentration, soft tannins and floral lift on the nose. The whites, generous ripeness while still maintaining freshness and delicacy.

The wines have subtlety, complexity and elegance, hallmarks of Alpha Domus.

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Alpha Domus winery is located onsite within the vineyard, this gives easy access to the vines for tasting and sampling, and enables a close communication between the winemaking and vineyard teams.

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Its a symbiotic relationship where no detail gets forgotten or is missed, vines are part of their daily landscape. Come harvest time grapes are delivered directly to the crush pad for rapid and seamless processing. Grapes do not have to travel, our presses and crushers are literally in the vineyard. The reduced distance between the picking and the press protects the flavours and aromas from oxygen in the air, preserving all the unique and captivating characteristics.

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